Recording adventures ..

These past Summer holidays were the kind that afterwards, made you wish you had you’re own personal remote control, just so you could hit rewind and replay as many times your heart desired. I’ve been swimming about in a most glorious sea of creative juice, splashing about like nobody’s business! Recording my debut album with a bunch of salt-of-the-earth gems, painting my heart out, a-hollerin’ and a-pluckin’ away writing new songs, writing poetry and stories… You know… all the good stuff! My heaven.

Working with sound engineer and producer Jordan Power at his studio in Byron Bay was a dream. What a mighty legend he is! If I were God, I couldn’t have moulded a better fellow for the job myself. Not to mention all the incredible musical humans who added their magic to the mix ~ Kara Mallory, Benny Fowler (guitar), Peter Hunt (trumpet), Charles Wall (percussion), Robbie Farrar (cello), Will Chance (percussion), Kat Cooper, Mikey Bee, Matthew O’Reynolds, Liz Kee, Michael Eckersall and Lisa Larkins (vocals).

The recording is done and sounding like honey in my ears! Once that Jordan fellow gets back from his well-deserved lazy-man holiday, we’ll get onto mastering.

I’m planning to release the album, ‘Woo Me From My Sleep’ no later than June 2018.  In the meantime, here are some photos and links of memorable moments that keep me happy.

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