‘Woo Me From My Sleep’ Painting Series in the making…

This painting series was created in the same breath as the new album ‘Woo Me From My Sleep’. The title of each art piece reflect lyrics from each song…

‘We come here to learn the stories, and make more to be told…’ (Little Babe)

Bird light small


You and me and music, the birds and the sound of the sea… (Good Love)


I’ll just go on singing ~ all my love far out to sea ~ in the hope that if I keep singing ~ you’ll find your way back to me… (Go On Singing)


‘Oh oh each seed I sow ~ Oh I tend the land with a loving hand ~ Because a hunger’s never satisfied ~ If the fruit bares not the love inside…’ (Oh My Morning Sun)IMG-9616

Oh little brother of mine, breathe… (Brother)IMG-9633

My heart is a river stone… (River Stone)

River Stone small light

Come nestle your head here under my wing ~ Where the feathers are soft ~ Oh I’ll coo and I’ll sing ~ My darling… (Do You Remember?)


I should be sleeping but my eyes are wide ~ Full moon lights the mountain side on silver fire ~ Don’t need no light when you climb this high ~ Tiny lights like stars reflecting in the mountains eyes ~ In the mountains eyes ~ I bear myself… (Water Carrier)


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